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The Zenith Solar Backpack

Stay charged up anywhere, all the time, without even thinking about it.

The Sunslice Zenith is a lightweight, practical and stunning solar backpack designed to give you combined functionnalities of a good daily-use modernist backpack and a powerful solar charger. It is perfect for daily use, going to work, on your bike, city trips and outdoor escapades into the wild, making it one of the best backpacks for travel.

Flexible solar technology
The flexible CIGS cells of the Zenith, developped in California, offer some of the best performance available on the market for flexible solar panels with 15% efficiency. They provide high power and robustness while remaining lightweight and integrating perfectly with the fabric.
The discreet and stylish 8W flexible solar panel is directly integrated into the bag and allows you to charge a powerbank automatically from the inside using the internal USB port.
The solar cells are completely protected against water, scratches and dirt. The coating pattern is designed to maximize solar capture at different angles to boost performance.
Smart backpack design
Power bank pocket

The bag's frontal pocket contains the solar panel's USB output, which charges a power bank which can be stored in a dedicated pocket. This powerbank charges automatically when the Zenith is exposed to the sun, allowing you to use the stored solar power when you need it. The pocket is also big enough to carry a notepad and is equipped with pen compartments and other slots to keep all your belongings neatly organized. These neat features make the Zenith not only qualify as a solar backpack, but also a modern smart backpack.

The Zenith smart backpack works with all power banks, but the Sunslice Gravity series will definitely leave you satisfied. Equipped with QC 3.0 technology, they can charge any portable devices, providing standard 5V dual outputs as well as 9V and 12V outputs for the latest smartphones. The dual USB-C and micro-USB inputs also accept QC 2.0 and QC 3.0 standards for an extremely fast charging speed.

External USB port access

The external USB port also provides a convenient power source outside the bag when you're on the go.
Through a simple integrated system, you can link your powerbank to this external port from inside the bag, giving you its power without having to take it out.

Water resistant fabric
The Zenith solar backpack is made with water resistant fabric, and the solar panel is completely waterproof, so rain is nothing to worry about.

Main pocket
A laptop compartment inside can carry any laptop up to 15,6 inches. The main pocket is spacious enough to easily carry all your belongings with you. This makes it a good travel backpack for laptops as well!

Side pockets
Two side pockets can easily carry a waterbottle, an umbrella, an apple...

Comfortable paddings
Nothing worse than having a sweaty back during a hot summer day because of your backpack. We designed a comfortable and well ventilated back padding to let the Zenith rest comfortably on your back whilst letting your shirt breathe.
Anti theft backpack features: Secret hidden pockets
Keep your most important belongings safe and inaccessible to pickpockets, hidden in the secret pocket placed within the lower back padding of the Zenith. A second anti theft pocket is integrated in the front strap of the backpack.

Luggage strap
At Sunslice, we love travelling. We wanted the Zenith to be among the best backpacks for travel, and that's why we also thought about adding a luggage strap for increased convenience during those long airport waiting times.

Adjustable front clip
The Zenith has an adjustable front clip to tighten it across your chest. The straps can be adjusted up and down.

We designed the Zenith not only to be a great solar backpack, but also to integrate the best features that make a smart backpack: containing anti theft backpack features, a powerful solar panel, a laptop compartment and a modernist backpack design. We tried to create one of the best backpacks for travel as well as a cool backpack for school or for work. Try it yourself !

Watch the video below :
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Zenith - Solar Backpack

Zenith - Solar Backpack

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