Ricco PB1 NFC Tube Haut-Parleur Portable Bluetooth pour Smartphone-Noir

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Produit NEUF. Expédié sous 7 jours ouvrables en envoi suivi.

SpecificationsOutput: 8W RMS, 4W x2 = 80dBAudio Driver: 2.05 inch OD: 52mm, magnet-free , 4 OhmMicroUSB Line-in Charging socket: To charge the device with Line-in CableSpecial Tips:1. Press MODE to enter Bluetooth paring mode, indicator light will blink quickly, the speaker will inform you the Bluetooth is powered on , Bluetooth is waiting be connected. If you are using a smart phone, you need to turn on Bluetooth, search for new device, then you will find RICCO, select RICCO and connect to it. If paring is successful, you can use Bluetooth function on your smart phone to playback music or to make phone calls.2. It is compatible with most Bluetooth audio enabled smart phones, devices and Bluetooth adapters.3. Near Field Communications NFC, a contactless tech that could already be in your Smartphone. It's a short-range, low power wireless link evolved from radio-frequency identification RFID tech that can transfer small amounts of data between two devices held a few centimetres from each other. Firstly you need to turn on your Smartphone's Bluetooth and NFC mode, tap the back of your phone with where the NFC sign is, finally confirm this connection on your phone to activate NFC connection. 4.Charging: Use a computer USB port or a DC 5V charger to charge the speakerWhen the speaker is powered OFF: Red indictor shows it is charging, when it is fully charged, the indicator will disappear automaticallyWhen the speaker is powered ON: Pink indictor shows it is charging, it will turn blue when it is not charging.5. Built-in antenna, the speaker is able to access to FM radio on its own. Quantité : 1 Modèle : PB1 WHITE Référence fabricant : PB1 WHITE Type : Appareils électroniques Date de sortie : 2014-12-01 Fabricant : Ricco
Constructeur Ricco
Référence MacWay MK00047098
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